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Tea Candles in a Bag
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Tea Candles in a Bag

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White - By Scandinavian Candlemakers - 25 tea candles

NOLI ESSENTIALS is an interpretation of the elegant classic white candle, which is essential for Scandinavians. With its soft light, it creates an enjoyable ”hyggelig” atmosphere. In the winter it helps to keep the shadows away, and in the long summer night it celebrates life. NOLI Essentials are a series of pillar and table candles that come in stylish boxes – perfect for home or gifting. NOLI Essentials is made of 100 % stearin by Scandinavian manufacturers and is the perfect aesthetic choice with its scentless, soft flame and the beautifully designed box that can be used as storage or a decorative piece. The Pillar candle can be enjoyed for a total of 76 hours, and the table candles burn for approximately 7 hours.

Material: 100 % stearine
Burn time: 4 hours
Diameter: 4 cm
Height: 1,6 cm 
Scent: Unscented
Use: Indoor & outdoor

Width (of bag): 26 cm
Height (of bag): 20 cm